Friday – Conquer a mountain peek


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Friday – Conquer a mountain peek

With light feet and a small backpack, we explore the highest peaks in the area. If it’s weather for Sylarna we go for a variant of Syltraversen. If it’s sunny and windy, we quickly and swiftly climb the Storvigeln. Sometimes we combine several lower peeks and go for a jog before we sit down and catches the breath. We may sweat but are rewarded with miles of views and experiences far above the usual. The tempo is high and fast, but it is not running. We eat our packed lunch and fill the water bottles with water from clear streams and springs.

We will depart at 9 am from the reception at Fjällnäs Est.1882 every Friday between the weeks 28-39.
You must book no later than the day before at e-mail or phone +46 864 23030 (press 4).

Price: 750 sek per person. Lunch package is not included.

We recommend a lightweight backpack with only the necessary and lightweight running shoes for the mountain.