Black snow

15 October - 15 November


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Black snow

Mustalum, the long winter period, enters the stage with indecisive, almost painfully hesitant steps, changing back and forth between wild, swirling snowstorms and periods of mild, balmy weather. It means we can never be quite sure of the conditions we will encounter. Nature is fickle here, and the Sami have always relied on traditional knowledge, a sharp nose and a keen eye to interpret her signs. It is how they have survived.

We, too, must keep our senses well honed and constantly alert. From one day to the next, we may bask in a welcome warmth reminiscent of the far-off spring, or be devoured by the ravenous jaws of midwinter.

This is a dramatic period, a period when the ground has time to harden into an impenetrable dark crust before the snow gets its foothold. Which is why it was given the ominous name of Mustalum – Black Snow.

Now, layer after layer of snow crystals polish the frozen landscape until it finally succumbs to the thick white blanket that will rule unchallenged for a time no man can foretell. As for us, we flee to the refuge of warmth, and for each layer that gradually blankets the ground, we sink ever deeper into the beneficial, steaming bubbles. The whole landscape is being carefully wrapped in a cocoon, and we with it. It is the time for reflection, sincerity, and consideration for our fellow beings.


Cross-Country skiing in unspoilt nature

The mountains that surround Fjällnäs are excellent for wild-skiing.


There are several fishing waters to choose from close by the hotel. Everything from easily accessible places to water that is harder to find.

Mountain biking above the tree line

The area around Fjällnäs is considered one of the country’s best areas for mountain biking.


To stride over the mountains, swamps and moors is what we do a lot of at Fjällnäs.