Colorful autumn

10 September - 14 October


At Fjällnäs, each building has its own story, its own life.

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Colorful autumn

The first thing we encounter during Ruska is an overwhelming kaleidoscope of colours, all fighting to capture our attention. The autumn storms have transformed the recently calm skies into a patchwork of whirling leaves, as our horses carry us silently forward, almost gliding along the barely trodden trail. And all the while, the drama of the season continues.

Never before, have we experienced such clear, strong hues of red, yellow, orange and green. Nature is our partner, and true to the tradition of countless generations, we leave as few traces as possible. Hunting, too, is carried out with the same mutual respect; we take only what we need from the land, and we use what we take, no more, no less.

Darkness is knocking on the door, and winter is almost upon us. It is now or never, and we take the chance to experience the last lingering breath of the mountains in Ruska – untouched as yet by their waiting raiment of white. Finally, the storm abates and the colours fade, the longed-for calm of winter has arrived in Fjällnäs.



There are several fishing waters to choose from close by the hotel. Everything from easily accessible places to water that is harder to find.

Fly fishing in the mountains

In the waters around Fjällnäs, you will find fish like trout, char and so Härjedalens own provincial fish - the grayling.

Mountain biking above the tree line

The area around Fjällnäs is considered one of the country’s best areas for mountain biking.


Golf in the mountains is an outdoor experience beyond the ordinary.


To stride over the mountains, swamps and moors is what we do a lot of at Fjällnäs.