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The land that surrounds us has basically been untouched since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. At Fjällnäs we try to live in symbiosis with nature and always work with the most modern technology to minimise our environmental footprint. We use local products and materials as well as local craftsmen in order to keep freight to and from Fjällnäs to a minimum. All the 19 buildings at the resort are heated through 22 holes in the bedrock by geothermal ground source heat, a renewable energy source. All the buildings up until and including the 19th century have had extra insulation added and we are working to a great extent with slow sources of heat such as floor heating. Several of the old single and double- glass windows have been painstakingly exchanged for modern and insulated triple-glass windows with their original appearance kept intact.

Fjällnäs Environmental Policy

All activities that use physical resources affect the environment. In our work we strive to always use the best and most resource-efficient alternatives. The basis of our environmental work is a conscious ambition to protect the environment by using renewable resources, recycle all materials, and to avoid materials that could pollute the local and global environment. Our ambition is to be able to maintain our leading position within the industry when it comes to environmental awareness.