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Mii Gullo Spa

An almost out-of-body feeling comes over you when, as you arrive at the same level as the clear waters of the mountain lake, you sink deep into your own thoughts. Mii gullo? means “How are you?” in Sami, and this phrase, expressing gentle enquiry and genuine interest, permeates every aspect of our exclusive spa, Mii Gullo Spa. Here, we have gathered knowledge from all over the world to replenish your vital force after a tough day out on the mountain. Mio Gullo Spa is your protected world of calm and relaxation, where our unique and secret essences merge with the intense heat of the stones.

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Day Spa

Our treatments


A treat for the whole body where we combine Räffsjötjärnens facial treatment with Bodtjärnens body scrub.

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Fjällnäs classic massage. A full body massage alternative a back…

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A refreshing facial treatment that begins with cleansing, followed by…

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Kojtjärnen Deluxe

In this deluxe treatment a pleasant relaxing full body massage is given.

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Starting with a back massage to relax and release tension, followed by a neck and décolletage massage.

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A tailor made treatment for your skin after a day on the mountain.

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This facial treatment starts with a deep cleanse of the skin and a peeling.

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