At Fjällnäs, each building has its own story, its own life.

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Eight seasons in magnificent nature

Fjällnäs, Sweden’s oldest mountain hotel, is an exclusive sanctuary where you can experience continual, dramatic changes of nature. We live with this unspoilt wilderness right on our doorstep during eight totally different seasons. The air is pure and whenever you want, you can quench your thirst with water from the clear mountain lake. When Fjällnäs’s first visitors arrived more than 130 years ago, they were attracted by the pure, unspoilt, beauty – and this is still the same today.

Welcome to our country, our mountains, and experience how your senses become alive in this immense and unspoilt wilderness.

Mii Gullo Spa

Mii Gullo means “how are you” in Sami

Mii Gullo Spa

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Weddings & Celebrations

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At Fjällnäs, each building has its own story, its own life.


A top class meeting environment


A Nordic cuisine with traditions


Eight seasons in magnificent nature

Frosty winter

16 January - 28 February

The glittering snowdrifts reflect the flickering gleam of the light installation in the little chapel. It is silent, almost eerie, when the winter lays its soft blanket over Fjällnäs in ...

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Crusty snow

1 March - 14 April

It is Hanikikanto and the light has begun its slow return to Fjällnäs. After the long darkness, the unspoiled, awe-inspiring mountains stand welcoming before us, waiting for our first ...

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Departure of ice

15 April - 15 May

It is a time when the cool and pallid face of the winter-withered landscape meets the warm, colourful palette brought forth by the sun. Old meets new. Everything around us is transformed ...

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Eternal sun

16 May - 15 July

We are experiencing a surreal time; a time when the difference between night and day can no longer be discerned; a time when the sun spreads its warming rays around the clock.

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Harvest season

16 July - 9 September

Now, life is simple and the days of Sadonkorjuunaika flow by at a leisurely pace. Nature is wearing her finest gown and the countryside is awash with a wealth of delicacies, ripe for the ...

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Colorful autumn

10 September - 14 October

Ruska is an overwhelming kaleidoscope of colours, all fighting to capture our attention. We take the chance to experience te mountains untouched by their waiting raiment of white.

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Black snow

15 October - 15 November

This is a dramatic period, a period when the ground has time to harden into an impenetrable dark crust before the snow gets its foothold. Which is why it was given the ominous name of Mustalum.

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16 November - 15 January

It is a pregnant time; the very air is filled with expectancy. Christmas, the ancient Yuletide, is coming, and tradition demands that we look to the future and celebrate the past.

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