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At Fjällnäs, each building has its own story, its own life.

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About Fjällnäs

The cradle of Swedish mountain tourism

At Fjällnäs, we live with an unspoiled wilderness on our very doorstep. Living here is about adapting to Nature’s constant and dramatic changes, just like the indigenous Sami people have done since time immemorial. Here, the air is clean, and you can slake your thirst, at any time, with water from the clear mountain lake right next door. It is a land of a kind that barely exists anywhere else; a relic from an ancient past, untouched, just as it was. A land where everything takes place in an eternal cycle, where every action has its effect. A land where sustainable solutions are the very core of living, solutions designed to last forever.

Fjällnäs has a total of 41 rooms and 97 beds i six different buildings, all situated near our main house Näset. We offer three categorys of rooms – 31 Premium rooms – 6 Standard rooms and 4 Family rooms.

Local delicacies are served in our restaurant where the various tastes of lovingly prepared raw ingredients are of the utmost importance. The rich culture and history of the area has inspired our Mii Gullo Spa for its pleasing and healing treatments, and in the Aula Capella – Fjällnäs own Chapel – you encounter experimental architecture and world-class art.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken in the main building Näset and entrance to Mii Gullo Spa is included in the price of the room.

Fjällnäs is owned by the Bertmar family and operated by CEO Henrik Bertmar.
The resort attracts both those looking for an exclusive sanctuary for seclusion and contemplation, and those looking for a pure, unspoilt nature experience – all year round.

Welcome to our country, our mountains, and experience how your senses become alive in this immense and unspoilt wilderness.