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Fjällnäs Dinner Menu

Each season provides us with new and exciting taste sensations. The basis of our Nordic cuisine is lovingly treated raw products – discover your favourites from our constantly changing menu, Fjällnäs Dinner Menu. We are always looking for high quality, preferably from local producers and preferably organic.

Children up to the of age of 11 will be served main course and dessert.

An exampel of Fjällnäs Dinner Menu and our Wine Pairing Menu

Charred celeriac, homemade ricotta, whitefish roe & browned butter
Wine: 5 wingert el craggy   

Reindeer, celeriac, apple & smoked butter
Wine: Ottin Fumin el Michel Gass Syrah

Cloudberryparfait, buckwheat & cheese foam
Wine: Vinsanto de Chianti